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COVID-19 Safe Dental Care

COVID-19 Safe Dental Care by Oakville Dental Office

Ensuring A Safe Dental Visit During COVID-19 - Infection Control for COVID-19


You might be asking yourself if it is safe to go to the dentist or visit the dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured at Oakville Dental Office we are taking all the safe COVID-19 / Corona Safety Precautions & Protocols to provide virus safe dental care for you and your family.

As part of the new COVID-19 pre-screening, we will need you to print the attached form

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(if possible, if not you can provide it for you before your appointment, but do read it all ahead of time).  After answering all the questions, sign and date it.  The completed form is required prior to being admitted into the clinic.  Here is the sequence of entry and exit for your appointment:

  • Please bring a mask ready to wear upon entry, which you will need to wear at all times except during the actual treatment.
  • Upon arrival in the parking lot, please call the clinic (905 827-4991) for someone to escort you in.
  • That staff member will bring you in, and you will need to immediately wash you hands with soap and water for 20 sec.
  • After which you will need to do a 60 sec 1% hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse.
  • You will then be seated for the planned treatment.
  • After treatment is completed, redon your mask. Please wait for a staff member to escort you out (to avoid crowding at the front desk)
  • Please rewash your hands again in the treatment room prior to departing the treatment room.
  • Payment & booking of future appointments can be done at the plexiglass protected front desk, however we ask that you try to keep discussions to a minimum. Again, we want to avoid any crowding of patients at the front desk to respect the continuing requirement for 6 feet of social distancing at this time.
  • We can email any insurance claim receipt to you if you like as we will try to avoid the exchange of printed forms unless its necessary.
  • If you have any questions about the procedure planned for that day, we ask that you ask them before the appointment either by phone or email (oakvilledentist@hotmail.com). The doctor or receptionist will gladly help you understand any questions you may have.
  • We have implemented many structural and procedural changes that has gone beyond what is even required to protect our staff and patients. Air purifiers, upgraded suction & personal protection equipment, and room isolation has been installed to exceed what was already a protected environment before the current crisis.
  • We thank you for your understanding and patience as we try to keep everyone, patients and staff alike, safe during this pandemic.

Download and complete Patient Assessment Form and submit prior to your visit.

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